Strong Protection for Websites

There’s always a presence of malware and security threats on today’s web, which is what we are here to help with; by providing secure protection against web attacks at no extra cost.


Always stay protected online.


Automated Screenings for Malware

Using commercial tools and systems, we run daily scans on our Shared and WordPress hosting platforms to detect any trace of malware.


During the scan, if we come across any trace of malware, we will send you an email of what we’ve discovered.


Our WordPress users have a way to check and get a direct report for the presence of malware. Our WordPress Checksum Report in the Tools suite ensures that your WordPress core matches the official WordPress repository, ensuring there is no presence of Malwares.


If you are a Shared or WordPress user, you can get a comprehensive and detailed report from the SiteHome Host control panel for free.


Free Wildcard SSL Certificate

At this stage, SSL/TLS certificates have become synonymous with website security. With Google marking ‘HTTP’ as ‘not secure,’ SSL/TLS certificates are a fundamental part of secure web browsing and data transfer.


An SSL/TLS certificate offers an encrypted communication channel and will help you validate the server’s identity to the client browser.


So, every site we host must be an ‘https’ one.


Our SSLs are ‘wildcard’ certificates allowing users to secure all their primary domains and subdomains using one certificate. However, you will have to use our nameservers on your site to get a free ‘https’ certificate.


Email scans

All emails you receive are put through advanced anti-malware and spam blocking protection.


To do this, we use three separate layers of thorough screenings of viruses and unsolicited emails. The three layers include:

Virus Screening: Any email carrying known virus signatures is automatically rejected

Network-Level: We use commercial anti-spam deny lists from Barracuda, Invaluement, and other networks are used to block spam emails from known spam networks.

Content Level: Your email messages are scanned for spam-like characteristics and filtered into the junk folder.


Two-factor Authentication

Your password isn’t sufficient to keep you secure. Due to many reasons, your password may become compromised, making it an ineffective security measure.


For this reason, we propose the option to use two-factor authentication to add another layer of security – StackCP and SSH access.


Our two-factor authentication providers include Microsoft and Google.


We use the TOTP app in the two-factor authentication, which gives you a time-sensitive, single-use code to enter in addition to your password.


Another kind of two-factor authentication we use is security checks when payments are made. The security checks require you to call us and confirm the additional security information you provided when signing up.

secured hosting


1 Tbps+ DDoS Protection

An Anti-DDoS or DDoS protection is a physical layer of defense between potential attackers and your network.


A DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) Attack occurs when an attacker floods your VPS (Virtual Private Server) with internet traffic to stop users from gaining access to connected online services and sites. Usually, when this occurs, you do not have anything else to do but wait for the attack to stop.


So, as an extra layer of defense, we have the 1 Tbps+ anti-DDoS protection, which helps you filter malicious traffic and protects you from such attacks.


Web application firewall

A Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a great way to stop hackers from accessing your server’s codes.


Our WAF helps protect your software and data by blocking any suspicious activity.


Unlike the traditional firewalls that do not cover suspicious, malicious entries like through forms, our WAF prevents this by inspecting every HHTP request for cross-site scripting, SQL injection, path traversal, trojans, and any other kind of attack. All these checks are done in less than a second.


We have a set of rules by which any malicious activity is filtered out. Our security team custom-writes these rules and makes them from commercially-available resources.

Our security team regularly updates these rules to keep them effective.

Login Protection with StackProtect

Protect your Site from Brute force log-in

Cybercriminals are known for their determination to get into your site. They have a common way of using ‘brute force’ to guess your ‘admin’ password.


These cybercriminals use trial and error methods and apps just to get your password.


With the Stack feature on your website, you can see the potential ‘evil’ automated requests and the log-in attempts on your website.


When requests are detected, Stack deploys the use of reCAPTCHA tools and blocks those attempts when necessary.

You shouldn’t have to pay for website security.

SiteHome Host include all these features at no extra cost. Join Sitehome
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