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Our on-the-house content delivery networks make your site load faster, wherever your users are. It has a suite of speed-boosting features that will accelerate your site. Each of our customers gets access to it at no extra cost.

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How a CDN works:

A CDN- Content Delivery Network is what makes a website load fast no matter where the users are in the world.

CDN is made possible, all thanks to stored copies of your website on servers on the network edge. For instance, suppose your website is hosted in a US data center, and your users in the UK may experience some delays loading your site unless there’s a stored/cache of your website on a user’s server. This whole process is called a Point of Presence.

There are copies of your website’s data stored at different Points of Presence worldwide to ensure your site loads faster at all times and everywhere.

Apart from its benefits to the users, a CDN helps your website in many more ways, including SEO. Search engines love fast-loading sites, which is why they rank them more. So, you have a higher probability of ranking, all thanks to having a CDN.

On-the-house CDN

It may be surprising to note, but Our CDN provides the same premium caching features as Paid CDN providers.

A premium feature of our CDN is the ability to help users stay on top of their site’s performance and be aware of every problem. You’ll get a comprehensive report usually shown in charts.

Our users have the total freedom to experiment. They do not have to stick to using the one-click activation; they can decide to use the development mode.

With our CDN, users can get rid of the caches to make instant updates. They can also block an annoying visitor’s IP address/Country.

Automatic image resizing

One of the menaces of a website is slow-loading images. Our image CDN will verify your photos and resize them to a suitable size for desktop and mobile.

One-click optimization

With a single click, you can improve your website's performance on desktop and mobile - an easy, risk-free, free solution that will help your PageSpeed scores.

Lazy loading

This feature only loads what the user will see immediately. The above-the-fold content will appear in a browser faster by delaying off-screen images or other non-critical resources.

Code minification

We can minify and strip whitespace from our code. Our CDN will compress HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files to reduce time spent parsing, compiling, and executing. Network payload is diminished, so sites load faster.

Image compression

Raw images often carry info that can be compressed or removed without an evident loss in quality. Our CDN will compress the photos, saving you more time.

Next-Gen image formats

Our image optimization tools will convert files to fast-loading next-gen image formats like JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, and WebP.

Features at your fingertips

We know that every website is different, so our CDN gives you control over every feature directly from our control panel. You can fine-tune the performance by using the various options available to you.

You can control whether your images, CSS, and Javascript are stored independently.

There are over 40 different ways to advance your site’s speed by making use of our Website Acceleration Suite. You can save your performance settings as templates and apply that template to any other site in your hosting account.

Preset profiles

Don’t want to go too technical? It is now your choice to select our tried-and-tested preset to get your website loading at speed. It is a one-click speed boost.

CDN: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A CDN is vital to any company that has an international presence. A CDN will help your site load fast in every part of the world, leading to a better ranking on Google’s search engine results page.

Since ours is free, we recommend you use it all the time. There’s no downside to using it, and we do not charge you for your bandwidth.

However, suppose you discover that any of the Website Acceleration Suite optimizations are interfering with any complex functions on your site. In that case, kindly turn off the CDN and contact our technical support.

Because of the SEO advantages, it is advised that you have a CDN. It doesn’t matter if you have an international company or a small local business; everyone needs exposure and can benefit from a better ranking on Google’s search engine results page.

There’s no catch; there will be no ads like we’ve promised. We provide free unlimited CDN to everyone interested in it.